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How to remotely access your computer from your phone
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How to remotely access your computer from your phone

There comes a time in our lives when we need a file from our computer...but we are nowhere near it.  What do you do?  There is an easy way to remotely access your PC right from your phone or tablet.  It suddenly becomes a piece of cake!

While there are a plethora of options to choose from, we will show you how to utilize TeamViewer, as it is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

How to Set Up TeamViewer

1.  Go to the  TeamViewer Website and download the latest version of the program.  You will need to select your installation type and whether or not it for your personal computer or corporate use. This installation only takes a few minutes. 

2.  TeamViewer will provide you with a remote ID and PIN.  This is actually so that you can provide this to someone else so they can remotely access your computer.  

To set this up, click the Sign Up button.  Once you are finished you will assign a password to your computer.

How to Connect to Your PC with TeamViewer

1.  Install TeamViewer's mobile app on your Android or iOS device.  Click on the Computers button at the bottom and sign into your account.

2.  Click on My Computers, which will show a list of all the computers currently attached to your TeamViewer account. Click on the one that you want to connect to.

3.  The bottom of the interface on your device will show you a list of things you can do: keyboard, actions, Windows, etc.

How to Transfer Files Back and Forth with TeamViewer

1.  If you simply need to grab a couple of files on the go, you will love TeamViewer's File Transfer system.  Click the Files option at the bottom, then click Remote Files.

2.  Next click the My Computers button and select the computer you need to access.

3.  You can now navigate through the file system, and click the checkbox beside the files you would like to transfer.  Once your files are selected, click on the My Files button, then the little paper icon at the top to transfer the files.  Once finished, click the back button to disconnect. 

TeamViewer is a great platform to use, but always remember to take the necessary steps to secure it.

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